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The Worship Studio...

is an equipping resource for artists, a hub for creative communities and a catalyst for creativity around the world.

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Resources & Opportunities for Artists

Resources to Fuel Your Creativity!

Check out resources from The Worship Studio including Unlocking the Heart of the Artist, Creativity According to the Kingdom, Journeyartfully and many more!

Creative Communities

Learn more about forming a creative community in your area or becoming a part of our network of communities.

The Equipping Center

The Equipping Center is an online resource center to help artists grow in their creative gifting through videos, articles, blogs, webinars and much more!


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From the Creative Resource Center...

Take a Video Tour of The Equipping Center

Take a free video tour of The Equipping Center from The Worship Studio! See the difference between free vs paid membership and how to access tons of resources 24/7.
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Top 7 Reasons Why Artists Should Leave the Church…

Ok, so I know you’re probably saying “What the heck?” as you read the title of this article, but take a breath and put away your stones. ┬áReally… my heart in this article is to get Christian artists to think […]

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