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The Worship Studio...

is an equipping resource for artists, a hub for creative communities and a catalyst for creativity around the world.

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Resources & Opportunities for Artists

Unlocking the Heart of the Artist Book & Experience Guide

Complete with small group questions and exercises, this resource is a must-have resource for every creative person or artists group!

Creative Communities

Learn more about forming a creative community in your area or becoming a part of our network of communities.

Conferences & Retreats

Find out about upcoming events and how to host a team from The Worship Studio in your local area.


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From the Creative Resource Center...

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The Creative’s Struggle by Jim Banks

There is an interesting article in the April 2014 issue of Fast Company Magazine that you might find insightful. The article was wrapped around the interview of the author of a new book entitiled Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull, President […]

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Reflections On Prophetic Creativity…

The creative process for Christians is not some mindless activity where the Holy Spirit just takes over and creates through us. This kind of thinking suggests that we have nothing to offer and are simply empty conduits to be used […]

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