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Audio Teaching

Thanks for taking time to check out some of our recommended media here at The Worship Studio.

true-identityTrue Identity: Resonating with God’s Song
by Matt Tommey

In this teaching, Matt Tommey explores how your true identity is found by resonating with the song God has been singing over you since the day you were created.  Recorded live at Vineyard Campbellsville in Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Download this MP3 teaching now for $5.00


creativityCreativity: Where Heaven Intersects Earth
by Matt Tommey

During this audio teaching, Matt Tommey explores how all creative expression is designed by God to be an intersection point where people encounter the Glory of the Lord.  You’ll learn the connection between faith and creativity, specifically how God lives in the creative expression of His people and about God’s strategy to raise up an army of artists to reveal His Glory in the earth.

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cyb-payloadzCrafting Your Brand: Simple Strategies for Cultivating a Successful Creative Career
by Matt Tommey

In “Crafting Your Brand,” you’ll learn key strategies and tools for cultivating your creative life that include things like:

  • Embracing an Attitude of Abundance
  • Defining Your Creative Identity
  • Developing a Success Strategy as a Creative Entrepreneur
  • Balancing Working In the Business vs. On the Business
  • Nurturing Strategic Partnerships

You will also learn detailed information from Matt on how to:

  • Optimize Your Website for Increased Traffic
  • Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Brand
  • Create a Website that Gets Results
  • and much more!
    buynowDownload an MP3 of this teaching for just $5.00
 Download an MP3 of this message now for $5.00

Prophetic Art: Releasing the Kingdom through Your Unique Creative Expression

Artists are the life-givers in culture. You are a pivotal intersection point where the Kingdom of Heaven meets culture releasing healing, power, glory, mercy, grace, challenge. It is there that you have the unique opportunity, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to translate the Kingdom of Heaven into a language that bypasses words and goes directly into the human spirit. It is in that context that no matter what your creative expression may be – painting, music, dance, pottery, sculpture or film making – it becomes prophetic. Your art in the Kingdom has no choice but to be prophetic when it s mixed with faith, creativity and the Wind of the Spirit.

In this message by artist & founder of The Worship Studio Matt Tommey explores:

  • Understanding Your Creative Voice
  • Releasing the Kingdom through Your Creative Expression
  • The Power of Faith and Art
  • Biblical History of Using Creativity
  • Art that goes straight to the Spirit
Download an MP3 of this message now for $5.00

Singing Your Song in the Kingdom:Live the Life You Were Created For

Much of the frustration people experience in their lives is due to the simple fact that they just don t understand what they were created for – more simply said, their purpose in life. Lost in a sea of frustration, anxiety and boredom many people just give up on what Jesus called “The Abundant Life”. The good news is that no matter what you re feeling or may have experienced in the past, the Father created you with a unique purpose, design and destiny that can only be fulfilled by you. There s never been anyone like you and never again will God create another person just like you. You are truly one of a kind.

Learn important keys from artist and founder of The Worship Studio Matt Tommey that will enable you to live the life you were created for as a creative person in the Kingdom including:

  • Overcoming Roadblocks
  • The Jesus Model
  • Embracing Your Unique Design.
 Download an MP3 of this message now for $5.00

The Kingdom Has Come Near to You:How to Move with the Cloud to the Crowd

Many today are waiting on a ‘move of God’ to hit the earth, revolutionize the church and make everything better in the earth. There’s this idea that if we just pray hard enough, repent enough, fast enough and cry out enough that God will come and poof everything will be different, better, completed. Most of this comes from this idea in the Old Testament of the ‘cloud of His Glory filling the temple’ and longing for the days of Pentecost when fiery flames and rushing wind came down.
This religious mentality has set the Church up for an experience based view of the Kingdom that’s all about ‘come and see’ instead of what Jesus modeled – “Go and Tell”.

In this message by Matt Tommey, learn how to:

  • Move with the Cloud to the Crowd
  • Transform culture through relationships
  • Trust the Voice of the Father
  • Creatively release the Kingdom
Download an MP3 of this message now for $5.00

Faith is the Substance: Co-Laboring with the Father to See His Kingdom Come

We are living in a new season where it’s imperative that the Body of Christ learn to lift the sail in our spirit in order to allow the Holy Spirit to blow. He’s not just blowing for refreshing or renewal. His desire is to blow in and through us in order to radically transform culture through the love of God.

Whether you are called as an artist, business person, educator, goverment official or stay-at-home-parent, this message will give you critical insi ght into how you can:

  • Only do what you see the Father doing
  • Release God’s Kingdom in your circle of influence
  • Influence the 7 Mountains of Culture
  • Use Spirit-led creativity as a means of cultural transformation.
Download an MP3 of this message now for $5.00

Unlocking the Heart of the Artist: The Struggle for Sonship

At the core of God s movement to raise up an army of artists to reveal His Glory in the earth is a desire to see the hearts of creative people healed and restored. Without addressing issues of brokenness and the sin that many times comes as a result we simply encourage talented orphans to operate in a dead religious system – valuing their talent over their hearts. The Father is raising up an army of Sons and Daughters, secure in who their Father has called them to be.

In this message by artist and founder of The Worship Studio Matt Tommey, Matt explores:

  • The Curse of the “starving artist”
  • Overcoming the lies of the enemy
  • Walking in the truth of Sonship
  • Extremes and Truth about Your Provision, Performance and Power