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Creative Communities

At the heart of the ministry of The Worship Studio is the establishment and encouragement of creative communities around the world. We believe that God’s heart for artists is based in a Kingdom model of ministry – birthing sons and daughters who love, live, trust and create in the context of a safe, loving, nurturing environment.

For every group of artists that community will look a little different. Some will meet at a local coffee shop discussing their hopes and dreams, going through a book on creativity or just building relationships. Others will be based in the local church and still others will have their own buildings featuring classes, worship events and other programs geared toward equipping artists. Within the variety of structures for creative communities, our heart is to encourage artists to be in healthy community with each other in the Body of Christ and dream together for all that God has in store.

We purpose to be a network who is truly connected, who know one another and have a platform where leaders from around the world can share their unique stories and encourage and be encouraged by one another. We will regularly connect through conference calls, online platforms, and phone conversations. We, at the Worship Studio want to serve  the vision the Lord has placed in us to see a true tribe of creatives come together to fulfill the dream of God for the arts in the Kingdom. We welcome you!

Our desire is to see creative communities established all over the world who share the vision, commitment and passion for raising up an army of artists to reveal the Glory of God in the earth. God is mobilizing us for His purposes in our generation as we form this network of creative communities around the world. We invite you to think about forming a creative community or linking your existing group of creatives to our network.

To connect with us as a creative community in your local area, we simply ask that you align your community with the following values:

Our Strategy
Within the context of community, God has given us a 3-fold strategy for ministry in order to effectively lead artists into the fullness of what God has for their lives and creativity. The strategy includes: Wholeness, Prophecy & Creative Skill.

Wholeness: God desires for all people to walk in complete freedom and wholeness. Through loving community, relationships, healing ministry and accountability artists will come into a deeper measure of wholeness in their life.

Prophecy: as artists are coming into wholeness, we teach them how to hear and engage the Holy Spirit in order to understand His desire for their life and creative expression. Out of those encounters with the Lord, artists learn to respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit through their life and unique creative expression.

Creative Skill: In the spirit of the Tabernacle of David, artists will minister skillfully before the Lord as they create and worship through creative expression. Through mentoring and training relationships with master artisans, participation in learning opportunities and practice, we will train artists to become master artisans within their chosen medium.

Benefits of Our Connection

  • Collaboration with creative leaders from around the world through a private Facebook Group and invitation-only conference calls each month.
  • Opportunities to host teams from The Worship Studio to help “fan the flame” in your local area.
  • A Premier Listing on The Worship Studio website which gets almost 1000 unique visitors each month looking for resources about art, creativity and being an artist in the Kingdom.
  • Use of our logo and tagline on your website and marketing materials enabling you to identify yourself as a part of “The Worship Studio Network of Creative Communities.”
  • Spiritual Covering of The Worship Studio with personal access to our leadership team via phone or email when you just need someone to talk to.
  • Invitation to a yearly Leadership Roundtable Retreat where you and your core team will have opportunity to  share your unique creative vision, receive specific leadership training from the TWS team, build relationship with other creative community leaders around the country, and have a whole lot a fun.

Community is about giving and receiving and so as a part of the network, your team is committed to:

  • Praying regularly for The Worship Studio, its mandate to raise up an army of artists and its leaders.
  • Promoting The Worship Studio by using our logo in your event online and print promotions/advertisements, etc.
  • Include a blurb, which we will provide, about The Worship Studio Network of Creative Communities on your website with a link to TWS website.
  • Regular participation in the private Facebook TWS Creative Communities group and monthly conference calls in order to share what is happening with your community and offer support to other communities in the Network.
  • Participation in events, conferences and leadership opportunities provided each year.
  • Offer the Unlocking the Heart of the Artist Course/Book Study once a year in a small group format.
  • Host TWS Leadership at least once every two years to hold a creative release weekend in your area.
  • Become members of our TWS public Facebook group and regularly share testimonies and photos about what God is doing in your community in order to inspire others to begin creative communities in their area.
  • Ongoing financial support of The Worship Studio via voluntary donations.

To discuss starting a Worship Studio Community in your local area, please contact us at