The events sponsored by The Worship Studio are based upon our desire to be a kingdom-oriented equipping ministry that serves the local church and artisans around the world. Our goal is not to draw people unto ourselves, but rather to equip and release artisans into the life of the church and culture outside the church to make an impact.

We have 3 main programs which form the core of the ministry's DNA.

Unlocking the Heart of the Artist Weekend Retreat

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This weekend journey is about unlocking your heart, connecting you with the Father and helping you to engage the Holy Spirit in your creative expression. It’s also an attempt to facilitate the release of your heart as you fully engage in all that God has for you within the context of the His Kingdom.

"Over the years, I’ve encountered many artisans, musicians, craftsmen and other creative ones who have, for one reason or another, become stuck. The ‘stuckness’ originates from many different places – woundedness, fear, control, unbelief, religious barriers – and creates a frustration in their life that becomes unbearable. Many artists, unable to understand what’s really going on either run headlong into ‘creativity for creativities sake’ or turn to unhealthy alternatives in order to numb or overcome the pain they are feeling. Many more simply give up, hide the gift by stuffing it down under ‘Christian work ethic’ and just try to gone on with life as usual." Matt Tommey from Unlocking the Heart of the Artist.

Whatever your flavor of ‘stuckness’, the Father wants you to be fully released to worship Him through your creative expression. His desire is that nothing holds you back from creative destiny for your life – not even yourself. This weekend is about embracing the divine calling for your life as an artist in the Kingdom, getting in touch with your unique prophetic voice and releasing it in a way that not only effects culture, but the heavens. It’s also about you being fulfilled and happy! The Father’s desire for your life is not that you just be productive or even that you work for Him – it’s that you live a life fully engaged in His presence; a joyful, passionate and creative life where you’re enjoying Him as much as He enjoys you!

This weekend experience includes worship, 3-4 teaching sessions, personal ministry appointments for each participant and a hands-on creativity workshop. Typical schedules begin Friday Night and go through Sunday Morning or Saturday Night.

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Unleashing the Creativity of Heaven Weekend: Through "Unleashing the Creativity of Heaven" (weekend conferences, 1 day seminars or workshops), we partner with your local church to host experiential learning and equipping events at your location for your congregation, their friends, and the surrounding community. We enhance your church's ability to equip a rich and valued part of your membership which is often under addressed due to time, manpower and financial restraints.

Working with local churches and artistic communities, we help identify, equip and release those gifted with creativity so they might better fulfill their destiny and reach the community. Through professional training and mentoring, artisans will excel in their medium and learn how to engage the Holy Spirit in the creative process.

This weekend experience includes worship, 3-4 teaching sessions and several hands-on creativity workshops in various creative media. The Worship Studio can provide teaching artists who travel with Matt or work with your local artists. Typical schedules begin Friday Night and go through Sunday Morning or Saturday Night.

Interested in Hosting An Unlocking the Heart of the Artist Weekend Retreat In Your Area? Email Us!

Gathering of Artisans Weekend: Gathering of Artisans is The Worship Studio’s annual artist retreat in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The weekend is a national gathering of artists from every medium including music, fine art, prophetic art, fine craft, media, performing arts and more. The focus of this weekend is to bring master and emerging artists together in the context of an intimate weekend experience in order to build community, discover how to engage the Holy Spirit in our unique creative expression, skill development and collaboration.

This weekend experience begins Thursday and goes through Sunday at noon. We have artists from all over the country who attend. The schedule includes daily worship/teaching sessions in the evening while days are filled with your choice of 4 hands-on workshop sessions led by master artists.

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