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Ground Breakers – Tiffany Jones

The Worship Studio Ground Breakers Series features creatives who are breaking barriers in contemporary culture as they combine art and faith in the context of their artistic expression. Through music, visual art, poetry, dance and a variety of other creative media, these artists are forging new trails of divine connectivity in non-traditional, non-typical avenues.

Interview & Article by Pattie Ann Hale


The sweet, yet edgy art of Tiffany Jones from Charlotte, NC is like a breath of fresh air to the soul. Her colorful whimsical pieces, which are often laden with the words of her theme, or a scripture or lyric from a song ironically strike a deep cord in the spirit of the viewer. Her work makes you smile and think deeply at the same time.

Tiffany, who grew up in Raleigh, NC, seemed destined to be an artist. Of her creativity, she says, “it’s like art ran in my family’s blood.” She was encouraged by a long line of creative family members to make art since she was a child. Her Dad, who had owned a large art store in New York, was a videographer and painter. Others in her family were inventors, seamstresses, and creative entrepreneurs.

Though creativity was all around her and she had dabbled in art all her growing up years, it was not until she was around sixteen that she began to paint. Her destiny as an artist was pushed into a more accelerated pace at that point by a prophetic word given to her by a complete stranger: “She gave me an extremely detailed word about pursuing art and she basically mapped out a journey of the significance it would be in my life. I went home that week after receiving the word and began painting.”

Of her integration of her faith with her art, Tiffany says, “God is the most beautiful and creative teacher of all things, and I owe every creative idea to Him. I believe just like with music, visual art makes a sound and speaks.” She says of her process that she receives simple and profound revelations that connect her with imagination and creativity that is so much higher. She says, “when you experience that… you just cannot stop creating and making beautiful things – everything becomes God-inspired.”

Tiffany has painted at worship conferences throughout the east coast and some on the west coast as well. Her images, though refreshingly not the typical ‘christian art’ carries beautiful themes of worship, poetry, scripture, and the nature of God. Tiffany sells her art through online platforms, art shows, and craft fairs. She is currently using her art and photography with media in her recent graphic design projects were she designs cd covers and flyers for several musicians and events.

Though Tiffany is keeping herself busy with forward-moving projects that are part of her professional destiny, she finds time to find the quiet sweet times of whimsy which keep her spirit and her art full of unique beauty and depth. Fitting with Tiffany’s whimsy rootsy style, she says of her recent passion for her simple hobby of crafting, “It is something that I actually do for fun and mostly on my time off because I simply LOVE it so much. I have become just as passionate about it as I am about painting and design!

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