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The Source of Awesome Secrets by Jim Banks

bible-sunset-3Where does the fountain of creativity exist? How do you access it? Good question, especially for those of us who derive all, or a portion of our income from some form of creative enterprise. As I was pondering this question, a couple of verses from the Bible came to mind.

“Nothing is hidden except for the purpose of having it revealed, and nothing is secret except for the purpose of having it come to light. If anyone has ears to hear, let him listen!” Mark 4:22-23

“It is the glory of God to conceal something, but the glory of kings to seek it out.” Proverbs 25:2

“The king told Daniel, “Truly your God is the God of gods, the Lord of kings, and the Revealer of Secrets.” Daniel 2:47

There are a number of things stated through these verses. The first is interesting because apparently, God views us significantly differently than we view ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really thought of myself as a king. Sure, I rule over my household and its vast domain of three acres. But that hasn’t exactly been kingly kind of stuff in my book. That’s not the way it is in His kingdom.

In the beginning God gave man some instructions regarding his purpose here; “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion” (Genesis 1:28, emphasis added). The command to “subdue” and the instruction to “have dominion” certainly implies that man was to be king despite the lack of that specific word. So for those who have taken dominion over their environment and subdued all the forces of the enemy in it, they have to be considered as being kings, and conversely those who have not done so cannot be so considered. There is so much evil rampant in the world today because there are so few exercising their dominion as kings.

What does God promise for those who choose to be kings? Daniel 2:21 makes it fairly clear; “It is God who alters the times and seasons, and he removes kings and promotes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” It is God alone who decides who becomes a king and who does not. He even chooses the length of their kingship over a given domain. How does one qualify for that position? Number one, they have an ongoing relationship with Him. Number two, they have a personal choice. For those who take up the charge to subdue and have dominion, God recognizes, or anoints them as king over that specific domain. When that occurs, God gives wisdom to those who were wise enough to take up the challenge, and grants knowledge to those who were discerning enough to determine what domain they were to rule over. It is only those who have chosen this path that the secrets are available to be revealed. Non-kings don’t get heavenly wisdom, or important knowledge, or insight into carefully hidden secrets, for this is reserved for kings only.

So what does all this have to do with expressing creativity? Everything! If you have chosen to express yourself through a specific talent, whether it is art, music, dance, writing, poetry, sculpting, pottery, metalworking, fabric, or whatever, you have chosen a domain. Now the process of subduing and exercising dominion in that domain comes. First is the acquisition of skill. I love Matt Tommey’s statement; “filled and skilled” because it aptly describes what the objective is; to be filled by Holy Spirit and skilled in the expression of your craft. As we acquire skill and experience we also engage the process of defining the boundaries of our domain and what is required to hold our ground, as well as what it takes to expand that ground. More personal choice must be exercised.

I think one of the reasons why God determines “the times and seasons, and he removes kings and promotes kings” is because we either get complacent or stymied in the process. I believe one of the chief things that determine longevity is whether an individual can make the transition from expressing an acquired skill and ruling over a specific domain, to becoming a life-long learner. We have all had the experience of going to a show and being amazed by something someone created, and then seeing that same thing five or ten years later from the same person. Nothing has changed but the item has lost all its magic and its ability to inspire us has totally evaporated because they lost their dominion. They refused to stay in the process of dominion regardless of the obstacles.

Just as we can never come to know all of God, we can never know all the secrets because they are both so vast. We can come to the place where we become content with what we know of God and fail to pursue Him further, just as we can come to a place of contentment with the skill and vision we’ve acquired and quit seeking the secrets that kings love to search out.

So where are you in the subduing and dominion process? Have you made the transition? Or are you stuck somewhere in between? As I’ve come to understand over the years, you can’t have those secrets outside the pursuit of God because ultimately He is the revealer.

Jim photoJim and Pat Banks lead House of Healing Ministries, an international ministry focused on equipping churches, ministries, and individuals to minister healing to the spirit, soul, and body. Pat has a passion for teaching creative people how to operate out of their spirit and commune with the Holy Spirit in their creative process.
Jim is the author of The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal with It and the developer of a prayer tool called the Trauma Prayer, which has been ministered to hundreds of people with astounding results to virtually eliminate symptoms of trauma, with many experiencing instantaneous and permanent relief.