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The Worship Studio Presents: Suzy Wills Yaraei with Pattie Ann Hale

SuzyThe following is an interview our Associate Director, Pattie Ann Hale, conducted with Suzy Wills Yaraei of World Amity. ( Suzy is known for her unique sound in worship and is truly a mother to all creatives. We, at The Worship Studio, are so honored to share this with our readers.

Suzy is a gifted writer, worship leader, speaker, and worship consultant. Her CDs, Simple, Shining, Spin, and Praise is Beautiful, are full of powerful and moving songs she has written. Suzy’s greatest desire in ministry is to help free people to worship God with abandon and discover who they are in Christ. In worship consulting, schools, conferences, and meetings worldwide, she releases and encourages musicians, worship leaders, and all worshipers in the body of Christ to higher and deeper levels of worship. Prior to this, she sang professionally with Reba McEntire, Wynonna Judd, and several other successful recording artists out of Nashville, TN.

The Interview:

Pattie: Which one of your songs is your favorite and why?

Suzy: I love them all so much, without a pride issue! They are all so special to me. The one that I believe has been the most fruitful for the body of Christ is Dance!!!

We wrote this song at least 15 years ago. Some people may think this is just a
fun song and, of course, it is. Besides that, it is a very special and anointed song.
I asked the Lord for a song that would set people free to be themselves, dance,
and have fun in a church setting. My friend and lifelong co-writer, Paulette
Wooten and I got together after I prayed this and she said, “Hey Suz. Listen to
this,” and she played the introduction. I immediately knew that it was the theme
to Dance! I was so excited, and I worked on the lyrics all day. I read every
Scripture on dance and other Scriptures. I wrote many lyrics and then pruned
them until we were left with what you hear and the song was born. I believe this
song is a true gift from God to the body of Christ and could reach many people

We have so many testimonies of physical, spiritual, and emotional healings. We
hear this often: “I feel free to worship God for the first time in my life!!!”
It is recorded now in many languages all over the word. I can sing it in German,
Portuguese, and Russian. I donʼt speak those languages but I learned many
choruses of my songs in other languages to honor the countries where we were
ministering. Dance has been the catalyst for powerful moves of freedom in our
conferences worldwide.

I always say I donʼt have a “dance ministry.” I have a love for Jesus, which
causes me to want to dance for joy all the time and this song brings out the best
of my joyful heart of worship. I think it is contagious.

Recently, Jesus Culture is rocking the hearts of the youth of the nations. Kim
Walker asked permission to do this song at Jesus Culture and they recorded it for
a live Jesus Culture CD. Of course I was thrilled. After all these years it is still
setting thousands and thousands of people free. Now when I sing the song
people think that Kim Walker wrote it and they want their picture made with me
because I did her song! So funny!

That song is truly a gift from the storehouse of anointed songs in heaven. I
recommend all worship leaders/ songwriters to ASK GOD FOR THESE SONGS.
There are many just waiting to be heard and written down THROUGH HOLY
SPIRIT CONNECTION and released on earth as it is in heaven. Donʼt try so hard
to write a cool, hip song or to write one like someone you admire writes. Just ask
God for a song that will set people free and lead them into His heart. He will send

Pattie: You are known for connecting with God in worship in unusual, non-typical
ways, which I love, by the way. What are some of your favorite out-of-the-box
ways to connect with Him in your own personal worship time?

Suzy: I never tried to be “out of the box.” I worship with all my heart, and as Kim
Walker recently said about me in an interview, I am fearless. The truth is when
anointed music starts, I get so “lost in God” that I donʼt even know where I am.
My personal worship is very quiet and chill. I try to still my ever-rushing mind to a
place of just “being” with God. I read the Bible and books by Madame Guyon,
Sundar Singh, and many others in this genre, famous poets of all cultures and
more. I write things down that He tells me. I do get songs and melodies a lot,
which I will sing into my Iphone recorder to work on later. However, lately I just
want to be with God to just BE. Not asking for anything. Just to love and be
loved. I believe He is waiting for us to come and just love Him and be loved
without wanting anything in return. Consequently, I believe He will share deep
and moving secrets with those who will just BE with Him. My husband, Kamran,
calls it “unconditional relationship.”

I want to say something about our meetings. I have learned to be “lost in God”
and still aware of edifying the people of God if we are in a meeting. So I like to
bring them into the encounter. I follow His voice as best I can for the location we
are in and into worshiping God in spirit and truth, then to edify and build up the
people through the worship. I encourage everyone to sing and dance with all of
his or her hearts, bodies, spirits, minds, and souls. We are all the worship team.
We are the choir–all of us together. It is quite exciting to see people finding out
they donʼt have to be afraid to show their love and passion in worship. Fear is not
real. It is just a nasty lie and thick in the atmosphere of all regions. Satan was the
deepest and most glorious worshiper to ever exist who wanted to be famous and
equal with God and lost it all. Satan targets worship in spirit and truth. We must
be fearless worshipers if we want to have the power of worship in our meetings
to overcome the lies and hatred of this great enemy. We must learn to worship in
spirit and in truth, now more than ever. Praise can no longer be a program.
Worship is not a business. We must worship God.

Pattie: How do you, as a worship leader, help others who are with you in a
worship setting to connect with God in new ways?

Suzy: I am very encouraging and try to make people feel as relaxed as possible
to enter into the experience of worship that the Lord typically brings through
Kamran and me. The body of Christ is still very sensitive and mostly as a whole
not used to fresh worship that is seemingly strange to them. I do not purposely
offend people. I have been taught to honor the body of Christ by excellent
mentors like Lilo Keller in Switzerland and Bonnie Chavda. I truly try to follow His
voice, and I let everyone know that I may make a mistake or two in my hearing
and following, as I believe the Scripture that says we only hear in part. Yet to
follow His voice and take a risk in faith has more fruit and life than to not. So I
encourage them to join us if they want to but if they are nervous, just hang out in
their chair and ask their hearts to be open. Then I ask them to please try not to
judge us who may look “foolish”, for God will use the foolish things of this world to
shame the wise.

I start with a worship song I have written or a hymn as a springboard, get us all
as unified as I can through the Holy Spirit, and then I “take off.”

Pattie: Could you give specific “activities” or experimental things you have done
where you have seen people experience breakthrough?

Suzy: When I do schools or workshops, I have many creative hands-on
experimental classes. At every school, the Holy Spirit will give me something new
to try as a class we have never tried. I wish I had recorded all of them because I
rarely remember as they are only done for that time and that place.

Here are some things we have repeated:
Sometimes we may take the class outside and write a poem with the elements
around us and then move inside to turn it into a worship song as a class.
I do “circle song.” The class will get in a circle. Someone will play three chords
and maybe we will have percussion. Then we will all tune into the Holy Spirit.
Someone will start a prophetic or spontaneous song by impression, and then we
pass the mic and everyone has to add to the song. This can be so edifying as we
hear and sing the song ribbon from heaven unfurling. At first people are nervous
and timid, but as we keep going (with great encouragement from myself- again I
try always to make everyone feel very relaxed through the whole process), they
get bold and excited and realize… I can do it too!

I always start every class with teachings on the new song: “Sing to the Lord a new
song… sing to the Lord ALL THE EARTH.” Everyone is called to sing a new
song. EVERYONE. Especially but not limited to people with mics, if you know what I
mean. Some may be called to be psalmists who are heard on a broader range, but we
are all called to sing these beautiful, fresh, moving songs from heaven.

I love Bible singing. Again get in a circle and we pick random Scriptures or a
Scripture someone may have been recently reading. Pick someone to start
singing it. We then shape it into a real worship song. Different people volunteer
(or I pick them) to sing pieces of the Scripture or others that flow with it. I am
good at helping a class shape new songs fast and then we usually end up with
the beginnings of or a whole worship song, which they can take back to their
churches and do!

I have many other fun classes… prophetic journaling and creative songwriting,
trust classes, vocal technique, movement, etc. Ask the Lord for creative ways to
teach and release your people with joy, fun, and relaxation.

Pattie: Share a time when you have experienced heavenly sound invading the
earthly realm. Are there any keys you could share about making room for that to
happen or stewarding it when it comes?

Suzy: Again, without trying to sound prideful, I feel like I am always in this
heavenly sound when I worship. My goal is to get everyone involved in the
experience. Basically almost every time I worship in a fellowship setting, I feel
like we are in “heaven on earth”, especially if I have skilled musicians who are
burning to worship God.

For stewarding, I have recently developed a teaching called “Receive, Shape and
Deliver.” I share how the Lord trained me to receive the new and prophetic
psalms and songs, shape them into a song on the spot or working on it as a
worship song for the times, and then the delivering of the song. It will be in my
upcoming worship manual due out by the end of this year hopefully!

Pattie: As a mother to artists, what is your best advice to young worship leaders,
artists, and creative people about their creative journey?

Suzy: Please, please stay close to Jesus. Lean into a personal relationship with
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Worship God and not Christianity,
creativity, or music. Your greatest gift is not your gift, it is your heart. A heart
connected with Jesus 24/7 will change the world with sound, movement, color,
and much more creativity. Seek and find Him every day with your spare time.
Turn off the TV. Donʼt worry about what people think, what are the latest fads,
partying, etc. GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH GOD. Get good, trusted
counselors who can help you stay on track and help you get cleaned up when
you need it. ASK FOR HELP. Be honest with your own heart. God knows it all
anyway. Get to know God and get to know yourself. This is where your identity

The most anointed worship and creativity will come from those who rest in God
with trust, courage, and humility. Do this and then ask Him for creative ventures
that will change your community and the world. The reason to ask is to bless the
earth, not to be heard, be famous, or make a CD. Again, worship is not a business.
It is who we are. Creativity can very well be a business, but keep it in the heart
of Jesus. Him first. Let everything flow from your relationship.

Pattie: What are you doing now that you are really excited about that is fresh and
new… and like nothing you have ever done before?

Two things:
1. I will be going into townships of South Africa and working with the children that
live in extremely traumatizing conditions teaching them to sing and forming
2. I will be working on a Middle Eastern CD soon. My husband and I will write the
songs in Farce, the native language of his country, Iran. Through satellite and
other means, they will go into the underground church of Iran where thousands
are getting saved. Eventually we hope to train these new Christians to hear God
for worship in spirit and truth. The window is now, so we hope to do this in the
next two years.

Pattie: Share your favorite story in the context of mentoring another artist and
also a favorite story of being mentored. Could you please speak some about the
importance of being mentored and mentoring?

Suzy: When I first came into the kingdom and ministry at MorningStar (Charlotte,
NC) and was put on the platform, I immediately had a heart to mentor others. I
was a mother right away. I was 35 when I came in and many younger ones were
being drawn into the sound that was coming out of MorningStar with Don Potter,
Leonard Jones, and me. It was the best times! I was a new Christian myself
learning to hear God, and write and release fresh sounds. MorningStar highly
encouraged mentoring, so as this came naturally to me I fit right in.

We used to mentor so many at once, and we would have worship blowouts on
Saturday nights where 7 of the leaders we were mentoring would take turns
leading 1-2 songs each. We would worship for 4-8 hours. It was awesome and
we learned so much from each other, deferring, team building, how to lead a
rehearsal, and many things. We learned that maybe someone had a “hot” or
anointed song, and we could let ours go for the one that we could tell the Lord
was all over! This helped us put down jealousy as we all deferred to the anointed
song of the moment. We were all writing our own songs. We never really
competed. We all wanted to worship God and loved it when the anointing was

In the last several years since I left MorningStar to minister with my husband, I
have not mentored as much. I miss it very much. I feel it was a long season to
get to know my husband and build the highway for our future. Now we can think
more about mentoring again.