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To Be Healed by Jim Banks

Isaiah 53:5 tells us some very specific things about the sacrifice that Jesus made for each of us;

“… He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” (NIV)

The question I pose is, what does it mean to really be healed? One of the most profound aspects of the healing that Jesus provided for us, and particularly for those in the arts, is the healing of the breach that separated us from God, the most creative Entity in the galaxy. In dealing with the sin that separated us, He also had to be true to Himself because He said in Revelation 21:5 “And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.” That means that we are no longer estranged from all that He created us to be, for the help that we need to accomplish it all is now made available to us.

A while after we moved to Kentucky the Lord said to me, “Are you ready to do what I called you here to do?” When He spoke it I knew that what He was calling me into was a level of personal discipline I’d never wanted to embrace. I’m still struggling in many areas to experience all that I sensed when He spoke to me and one of the reasons is part of me just does not want to be disciplined – it wants what it wants when it wants it. We’re all familiar with it. But it only becomes a huge struggle when I forget the ‘tone’ of the Lord’s voice when He spoke to me, for I also understood it to offer a partnership (See Rev 21:3). That’s one of the principle ways He can make all things new by helping us do what we can’t do in our own strength.

As an artist you have numerous ideas about what you would like to create, but the enemy can instantly give you 23 reasons why it won’t work. You may have even tried one or more of those ideas and the results were far less than spectacular. The true expression of creativity requires us to discipline ourselves to go beyond the natural limits and barriers that our talent and knowledge currently dictates. No one wants to fail, but unless we consistently challenge ourselves to face the limits of our abilities we will never reach the full expression of who we were created to be, nor will we become confident that our Partner is able to make all things new despite all our previous setbacks and failures. That is one of the greatest expressions of healing we can experience; to be able to do what we could not do previously.

In the last year, as a result of what Jesus and I have been through together, I have come to redefine faith. Prior to this time ‘faith’ was something I had to have, something I had to work up, and struggle to hang on to. Since then, my understanding of it has radically changed my definition of it. Faith has become defined as the confidence I have that He will meet me in the midst of the most difficult circumstances, based upon my experiences with Him doing just that. Effectively, He’s made all things new. That which I could not do before has been healed.

The interesting thing about my Partner was that He came when He sensed that I needed Him; before I could cry out to Him He was there. Proverbs 18:24b “…there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” My question to you is this; where is the breach in your relationship with Him that keeps you from accomplishing all that He’s called you to do? He’s available to heal it, if you’ll partner with Him.

Jim photoJim and Pat Banks lead House of Healing Ministries, an international ministry focused on equipping churches, ministries, and individuals to minister healing to the spirit, soul, and body. Pat has a passion for teaching creative people how to operate out of their spirit and commune with the Holy Spirit in their creative process.
Jim is the author of The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal with It and the developer of a prayer tool called the Trauma Prayer, which has been ministered to hundreds of people with astounding results to virtually eliminate symptoms of trauma, with many experiencing instantaneous and permanent relief.