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Understanding Your Creative Voice

I can remember when my son Cameron was first born. A friend of mine on the worship team I was leading at the time said “Oh, I know you can’t wait to hear what his little voice is going to sound like!” As Cameron has grown over the years (he’s now 7) it indeed has been fun to listen to his voice grow, mature and come into all that God created for Him.

I’m also learning that Cameron’s voice is much more than just the sum of some muscles and breath. It’s the convergence of his spirit, soul and body as they communicate what’s in his heart. Right now he’s all about ninja’s and lego’s, so the things he’s communicating are all about those subjects. Why, because he’s passionate about those and out of the overflow of his heart, his voice speaks.

As I’ve explored the power and importance of ‘voice’ in my own creative expression, the Father has taken me on a journey of sorts to understand His intent for my creative voice. It goes something like this:

  • The Bible teaches that God is life and light – in Him there is no darkness at all. Life and Light flow from Him. (John 1)
  • The first command in Genesis 1:3, “let their be light” actually began the transformation process upon the earth from ‘nothingness’ to ‘somethingness’.
  • To be clear, it was the manifestation of the Glory and Nature of God (His Light) that brought transformation on that which was dark and formless.
  • Life creates and is transmitted through energy. Anytime there’s life, there’s movement.
  • Energy and Movement yield vibration.
  • Vibration is manifested at different frequencies and rates
    • Light, sound, intent, creativity, love all are energy that are being transmitted.
    • The octave of visible light, extending from the color red to the color violet, is forty octaves higher than middle audio octave, that which you would hear on a piano keyboard.  It’s all the same thing just communicated on different frequencies.
  • What is a physical voice but muscles being stimulated by electrical impulses from the brain instructing them to move, based on their ability as breath moves over them.
  • You also have a creative voice.
    • Your physical, emotional and spiritual being was designed to be stimulated by The Glory of God to move, react and create based on the skill you’ve developed as the Ruach (breath of God) moves on, in and through you.
    • Your creative voice (art, expression, etc) literally transmits the Life and Light of God.  That means your art literally carries the power of presence of God in and through it.
    • As you develop your ‘instrument’ through practice and the pursuit of excellence, your ability to release the Kingdom and the life of God in the earth is greatly enhanced. You become in tune with the Spirit.
    • Fine tuning your ‘creative voice’ gives you more options, freedom and confidence in responding to the move of the Spirit (Ruach) in your creativity. Skill Births Freedom.

When we collaborate with the Holy Spirit in this dance of Kingdom creativity, His power, His Life and His Light merge with our faith, creative thoughts, imaginations, desires and skill into art that carries the literal presence and power of God. It is in this context that our art, no matter the creative medium becomes prophetic.

Matt Tommey is the Founder / Executive Director of The Worship Studio and a professional basketry artist. He is also a musician and author of the book “Unlocking the Heart of the Artist: Fulfilling Your Creative Calling as an Artist in the Kingdom”.  You can see Matt’s basketry work at and purchase his book here.